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Wind-Tunnel Testing

NASA Langley LTPT -- click to enlarge

Airfoils, Incorporated offers experimental verification of its airfoil designs and high-lift systems using appropriate wind-tunnel facilities.

(Photograph taken in the NASA Langley Low-Turbulence Pressure Tunnel)

Investigations are conducted primarily in the following facilities, in order of increasing Reynolds number capability:
  • The Pennsylvania State University low-speed, low-turbulence wind tunnel, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA
  • The low-turbulence wind tunnel of the Delft University of Technology Low Speed Laboratory, Delft, The Netherlands
  • The NASA Langley Low-Turbulence Pressure Tunnel, Hampton, Virginia, USA
  • Other facilities may be utilized as required.
This service normally consists of:

1. The selection of and contracting and coordination with the wind-tunnel facility

2. The development of the test plan, including Reynolds and Mach numbers and angle-of-attack schedules

3. The specification of the wind-tunnel model, including chord, dimensional coordinates, orifice size and locations, and drawings

4. The fabrication of the wind-tunnel model, including coordination, inspection, and verification of coordinates and orifice locations

5. Conducting the investigation

6. Analyzing and reporting the results.


Wind Tunnels
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